Thursday, 20 April 2017

NaPoWriMo 2017

1 Folly Calls
Oh what fools we are
What poor, deluded fools
So quick to pick up
On hatred and anger
So eager for sensationalist fervour
And gossip of celebrity faux pas
Fake news and propaganda
Tasty morsels to boil our blood
Only to find the truth...
...It didn't happen
...It was years ago
...It's not the whole story
You'll never believe it, click this
Amazing pics, click that
15 awesome facts, click the other
Click, click, click
Click, your mind dulls
Click, lies slip in
Click, another emotional blackmail...
...Share if you care, scroll if your evil

2 Meaning
Do what gives your life meaning
Do what makes your heart sing
Spend each second
Of each minute
Of each hour
Filling your life with
Love and Joy

3 No
I know no noh now

4 Macgyver
What a trip
To save the world
With a paper clip

5 Truth
How hard it is
Yet how needful
To know ourselves
As we truly are
To strip away
And appear, fully formed
In all our awesome uniqueness

6 Time
I couldn't
Come up with
A rhyme
This time

7 Fake News
You won't believe it
A terrorist attack 
With no victims
And no terrorist
Deadly missiles
Invisible and harmless
And non-existent
Unfeeling immigrants
That rush to help
The news
Comes from a fairground mirror

8 I Don't Believe in Humanity
I don't believe in humanity
If humanity existed,
Children would not starve
There would be no homeless
Wars would end
The rich would help the poor

9 Blindness
I yearn for a time of blindness
When we no longer look for differances
Where a beating heart is enough for us to say "Brother, Sister."
The dream of fifty years, then fuelled by the smoke of five pointed leaves
Or eyes opened to the word of love
The dream died when "Ours" became "Mine"
When sharing became gathering, and gathering, hoarding
I dream of crowds crossing a river of life,
Of hands reaching out to one another, 
So those that stumble are saved 
And none are lost
I dream of the weak held aloft by loving hands
Of the strongest spending their might on the weakest
I dream of humans learning humanity
I dream of people bowing to let others climb to greater heights
And those that have climbed, reaching down to bring others to their side
And then I wake
To division, to war, to prejudice, to suffering, to homelessness, to starvation
And I weep
And I pray that my dream takes flight
And travels the world throughout the night
Kissing the brows of those with money and power
So they will dream it too

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