Saturday, 15 October 2016

Nelson's Rules

Rule 1: Never betray a friend, even if they betray you.
Rule 2: There are always opportunities to be kind.
Rule 3: Keep your mobile charged. Always keep it on you.
Rule 4: Be there if a friend needs you.
Rule 5: Big up the positive.
Rule 6: Always be ready to say your sorry.
Rule 7: Never lie. The truth is easier to remember.
Rule 8: Do not trust rumours and gossip. Check your facts.
Rule 9: Always carry pen and paper.
Rule 10: Courtesy is the oil of civilisation. Open doors, give way.
Rule 11: Always have your keys on the same side of the door as you
Rule 12: Always show respect to people, even if they don't deserve it.
Rule 13: Be merciful to other people. One day you might need mercy yourself.
Rule 14: Be the first to laugh at yourself.
Rule 15: Do not assume anything about anyone. Make sure.
Rule 16: Do not gossip or spread rumours.
Rule 17: Do not trust the internet for facts without checking.
Rule 18: Do not worry about looking like a fool.
Rule 19: Don't be offended where no offence is intended.
Rule 20: Don't get upset by insults or bad behaviour. Being upset reduces your control.
Rule 21: Don't judge a person until you understand them.
Rule 22: Don't take yourself too seriously.
Rule 23: Everybody makes mistakes. Live with it.
Rule 24: Get it in writing.
Rule 25: If someone hurts you, try not to take it personal. They may be in pain and you may be just a handy target.
Rule 26: Let people underestimate you. It puts them off their guard.
Rule 27: Never boast. Past victories do not guarantee future ones.
Rule 28: Ask for help when you need it.
Rule 29: Never make threats. You give too much warning.
Rule 30: Preparation is the key to success.
Rule 31: Save your anger for when you need it. Don't waste it on the small stuff.
Rule 32: Always give a person the benefit of the doubt, but take precautions anyway.

Rule 33: Truth is like a sword. It can set someone free or hurt them. Speak truth, but be gentle.
Rule 34: Take responsibility for your life. Do not blame others for your own mistakes.
Rule 35: Do not try to change other people. Change how you respond.
Rule 36: Do not provoke anger in other people. Especially, do not then blame them if they react afterwards.
Rule 37: Do not try to make other people look foolish. A cheap laugh is not worth being a dick.
Rule 38: Do not fear the worst outcome whilst the best is also possible.
Rule 45: Clean up your own mess.

*** Not the final version ***

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