Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Musings about an Infinite Creator

According to scientists, the visible universe has a volume of some 347,160,287,
000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 cubic metres*, and is 13,750,000,000 years old.

Christians believe that the universe was made by God.

So, what evidence could mankind possibly find of a being for whom the entire universe is a mere artifact? Science needs something that can be observed, measured, and analysed. However, there is no way it can do so with a being such as I described. There is no scientific instrument that could look beyond the limits of the universe and observe the face of its Creator. How can we possibly comprehend the power, knowledge, wisdom, or any other attributes of such a being, so infinitely greater than us in every way?

The average man lives about 86 years and is about 0.08 cubic metres in size. In comparison to a being such as I have described, we are less than ants. Less than germs. We think nothing of destroying these creatures. What consideration could we reasonably expect from this being? Absolutely none, whatsoever. The smallest act of kindness from such a being is infinitely greater than that which we could possibly expect.

When we make something, it is ours to do with as we please. We can change it, destroy it, throw it away, or we can keep it, cherish it, and place it somewhere safe. So it is with a being that has created the universe. It is this being’s right to determine the fate of everything it has created.

And yet, this being, so infinite in every way, takes a special interest in Man, even creating a person through whom it can reveal itself, a finite interpretation of its infinite nature. Through this revelation, the person and life of Jesus Christ, we understand that this being, God, wants us to have lives characterised by love.

To this end, God has provided a demonstration of the life He wants us to have in life of Jesus Christ. He provides power and guidance by implanting an aspect of Himself, the Holy Spirit, in everyone that entrusts themselves to Him. He supplies every need, sometimes in amazing ways.

His relationship to those that entrust themselves to Him is that of a perfect, loving father who desires that his children be completely fulfilled in the way that Jesus Christ was. That requires discipline and training, sometimes chastisement, but the motive for everything God does is love for His children.

These children have a purpose, a function, in the greater community of such individuals. Every person has a role, determined by how God has created them, and what gifts He has given them. When each person fulfils their role, the community behaves like a single entity, every part in harmony with every other part, and each caring for those around it.

According to scripture, this community will be preserved and will have a place in a recreated universe, the details of which are concealed in prophetic language. This community is the ultimate fate of mankind as a whole, with those not part of the community being discarded.

As creator, it is God’s right to decide to whom he shows kindness and mercy. It is also God’s right to decide whom he chooses to destroy.

If we entrust ourselves to God, He will give us His grace, and join us into his community. If we do not, then we have no part in this community, and no part in the new universe.

*Figure corrected.


  1. You seem to be going from one point to another here.

    It isn't for science to prove that god exists, its for you theists. If there is a god, then there should be evidence.

    You say about how big the universe is. Do you really think that it was just created for mankind? That seems very wasteful to me.

    And if god wants us to be loving (how loving is he in the old testament, the crusades, the witch trials?) why doesn't he make us more loving to begin with?

    Also, you say that god has a "right to decide whom he chooses to destroy" (your words), does that seem loving or just to you?

  2. My point is, even if we presented evidence, science would dismiss it, or find some other explanation. What evidence could we give that science would accept?

    As far as the universe is concerned, I have no answer. God created the universe according to His plans. I, along with every other human being that has ever, or will ever, live, have nowhere near God's knowledge or wisdom to understand it.

    God is a God of love and justice. He is also the creator and owner of everything in the universe. If He decides to destroy something, it is His right, so He is being just.

    After all, what are we? Nothing. Nothing at all. Why should we presume to have any rights at all?

    The amazing thing is that God has given us rights. He will not go against our free will. He does not force Himself on us.