Wednesday, 29 February 2012


People call me crazy,
I suppose it might be true
But I will just declare my case
And leave it up to you.

Our economy is folly
It's built on fantasy,
Prices go up and down
At speculator's fancy.

People are paid to entertain.
More money than they can bear
Every week some may earn
Enough for ten families for a year.

Workers lose their jobs
The economy is blamed
But bonuses for board and shareholders
These must be maintained.

My economy's not wealth
Not money far beyond my needs.
My economy is my friends
The ones I love and who love me.

My currency is kindness
Forgiveness and mercy
My interest is laughter and smiles
My bank is my community

My heart is light,
My mind is free.
My cares are few.
It's great to be crazy.

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